Married to a Pedophile: “He’s the Nicest Man I Know!”

This blog is being written to educate you so that you can educate yourself and your children about child sex abuse.  I am telling my story of what it was like being married to a practicing pedophile for almost forty years — and not ever seeing that criminal side of his life.  How did that happen?  How did I not see?  How did others not see?

Rather than see signs of this dark, harmful side of life, others would remark to me time and time again, “He’s the nicest man I know!”

Listen to me carefully.  Pedophiles are not the creepy guys hiding behind the bushes in the dark waiting to grab your child.  Throw away that perception right now because that’s the furthest thing from the truth!

Instead, think of a person who is loved and adored by family, friends, and community.  Think of the person you would least suspect of hurting anyone — especially children!  In over 60% of all child sex abuse cases, the molester knows the child!  Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: “A Note from my Heart of the Eve of my Anniversary”

This blog is used to educate others on how to profile a pedophile.  This blog is used to help others understand how cunning pedophiles are.  This blog is used to teach prevention of child sexual abuse.

This blog is written by me — a woman who prayed very sincere prayers asking God to lead me to a Christian husband.

I am here to tell you that God did not answer my prayers — not as I asked.  Instead of leading me to a godly man of faith and strength, I was led to a man who posed as a Christian.

The man I married, unknown to me, was a practicing pedophile from the age of 14, and he, by his own admission and evidence presented in a court of law, molested children until the time of his arrest at the age of 62.  We were married almost 40 years.  Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: “The Email Worth Thirty Years in Prison”

When I talk about being married almost forty years to a practicing pedophile, I say it with shame.  I say those words with horror.  I almost always have at least two very bad days of haunting dreams and lots of tears after I write a blog post.  Why?  Because there is still a part of me that agonizes over the fact that I was duped.  I didn’t know the man I was married to for almost four decades!  I grieve the fact that this man was so good at deceiving me and others that he got away with molesting children for all of those years!

If you are new to this blog, it’s important for you to begin here.  It’s hard to start in the middle of a story and grasp the full impact — especially with a story that is as complicated as this one.  As you are reading, take time to pause and allow the words to sink deep into your heart.  What you are reading is not just hard to read, but it’s hard to believe.

And pedophiles are counting on just that — making it hard for you to believe that they could ever commit such horrendous acts!        Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: “Pedophiles Are So Credible and So Charming!”

Have you ever questioned the statistics about how many children are sexually abused?  One in five girls and one in every twenty boys have been sexually assaulted in the United States — and this statistic is only for the abuse that has been reported!  It’s a fact that due to repression  or  fear of being hated, ugly, and unloved, most children will never speak out about their childhood sexual abuse.

The facts are daunting and at times unbelievable until………..until the sexual molestation somehow becomes personal.

To be perfectly honest, I never really thought at all about children being molested.  In fact, I really didn’t have knowledge that such evil existed.  Not until my husband — the man I loved and adored for almost forty years — was arrested for child molestation!  Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: “Getting Bolder by the Day!”

It’s difficult for me to imagine that so many others have lived a life very similar to mine!  I find solace in knowing that I’m not alone, but I also find deep heartbreak knowing that abuse is still happening.  It’s impossible for me to put into words how I feel about knowing for a fact that children continue to be sexually molested every day.  There are times when I can’t sleep at all because that thought haunts me every minute I’m alive.

If you are new to this blog, I suggest you start here.  This is quick reading, but I won’t promise you it will be easy reading.  But, if you are interested in knowing how to keep your children safe from sexual predators — most likely people who you know — then you have found the right place.

In my last post I mentioned how I was now separated from my husband.  And, when we separated he became even more of a shining star to his children, to his church, and to the community in which he was so well known.  However, as I had the opportunity to step back and really look at him, I was beginning to see more than just odd behavior.  I was seeing behavior that was bizarre and often frightening!   Continue reading