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Child Sexual Abuse Warning signs

Not With My Child informs and educates the public about child predators and pedophiles in order to eliminate the threat that they pose to children.  Through public education and community service, we strive to make the world a safer place for children.
Les Ferguson Jr. is a former preacher whose 21 year old disabled son was sexually abused and raped by a very trusted church member.  When turned into the police, the perpetrator brutally murdered Les’ wife and son before driving to his own house and committing suicide.  Les and his other children are left to pick up the pieces and try to find God in the midst of darkness and despair.
Dr. Anna Salter is a leading psychologist, an expert witness in sexual abuse civil and criminal cases, and an author of several important books on child sex abuse. She leads lectures about sex offenders and victims of abuse in all 50 states and across the globe.

Verizon provides hope for victims of domestic abuse through HopeLine, a service which collects donated phones and gives them to local domestic violence shelters and non-profit organizations for use by victims and survivors. These phones serve as a vital link to support services and provide a safe line of communication to family, loved ones and employers.
Alex Howlett is an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Yoga and meditation helped her deal with the anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder that were a result of her trauma later in life. The healing benefits she experienced led her to become a yoga instructor to help others find peace of mind and happiness. Yoga classes and guided meditations are available on her website.

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  1. I hope there will be more lawyers and judges who will believe women who married to a pedophile. Those judges and lawyers don’t live our life, therefore they don’t know how risky to put children live with a pedophile. In my case, I live my life with constant worry, at the same time I have to try to put my worry aside to be able to hold on and survive under the constant control, I am here for my kids. I am thankful that you are able to educate more people in our society.

  2. HHow am I suppose to protect my grandchildren when their mother won’t believe what her own child has told her about sexual abuse. She told me to I reported it and dfs did a 5min interview and this scared little girl would talk now they won’t reinvestigate an unsubstantiated finding. They are still exposed to him. I have made many calls and police dept visits filed a complaint with child advocates but if they screw up the investigation and they go back there I believe they are in grave danger by him

    • Monica, This happens all too often, and that is part of the BIG reason I continue to write on this blog. We need help! We need trained people in the area of child sexual abuse. I’ve seen it time and time again where those asking questions are untrained and don’t even know where to begin with a child in order to move the case forward. It’s not unusual for a parent to not believe when a child tells, and that’s part of why there is so much secrecy among victims of abuse. If their own parent won’t listen and believe, then who will? Do not give up!! Continue reporting — make your voice known. Again, how unfortunate that the adults involved in this are either uncaring or not backed up by the legal system. What can you do? Build a trusting relationship with your grandchildren and keep communication open. Let your grandchild know that you are there — always! Can you email me if you feel comfortable enough to do so? I can give you more personal direction through an email.

  3. I look for your emails everyday. I think that they are sometimes the only thing that keeps me going. I am in a very bad place yet. My husband is still in denial that he did anything wrong. There can be no healing until he realizes what he did was a violent, violent act, and not an act of passion. My husband never hit me and gave me the freedom to do what I wanted, so people can’t understand why we are separated. They say , but it happened so long ago. Many families were ruined from his actions. My 4 sisters that were molested are all divorced. And now we are separated. So many families are affected. I will educate every chance I get and will be ever vigilant with my granddaughters. Thank you for your strength. I can feel it. Thank you

    • Please keep on reading and educating yourself! That’s the way you will become more and more empowered and the hold that your husband has will become more and more diluted! Some people still think I’m a horrible person because I was the one who initiated separation from John. I didn’t know his “dirty, dark secret” at the time, but I sensed evil in him and could no longer live with him in the same house. Some people, including family members, didn’t speak to me when we separated which compounded my pain. BUT, we are survivors, too! We are worthy, too! You have a purpose and God has a plan for your life. I don’t know if your husband wll ever admit to committing violent acts. Why? Because in his mind what he did was not anything too bad. John sits in prison serving a life sentence and still claims, “What I did wasn’t so bad.” He doesn’t get it because he refuses to see it! We must be the strong ones and advocate for our children and do all we can to protect them. Stay strong!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

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