Married to a Pedophile: Dottie Sandusky and I Have Lots to Talk About!

As I watched the interview of Dottie Sandusky for the fourth time, my anger began to diminish and I began feeling so sorry for her.  I listened to her every word.  I listened as she stumbled through tears to try so hard to convince Matt Lauer of her husband’s innocence.  She cried saying she was strong.  She said she never called those who came forward with their stories liars.  But she did.  She said she didn’t see anything wrong with Jerry showering with teenage boys, tickling them, and soaping them up.  But, she hesitated at the very end when she said *maybe* there could have been something inappropriate.

Dottie Sandusky is the perfect molester’s wife, just as I was!  Dottie is sitting in the chair that I was sitting in many, many years ago when I didn’t know the truth about my husband.  She loves her husband and she believes whatever he tells her.  She believes him because it’s just too painful, too unreal, too out of the realm of her innocent beliefs to think otherwise.

Jerry Sandusky chose the perfect wife! She took in foster kids.  She stood by her husband’s side while he received accolades for all of the wonderful help he gave to underprivileged kids.  She is a God-fearing, loving, faithful wife, but…..   Continue reading